Thursday, March 27, 2008

20080320 Spring Party (2/2)

會場內充滿了謎樣的光線啊... 拍成這樣大概是我的極限了吧 Orz

底下有 15 張照片喔...

20080320 Spring Party (1/2)



patrick said...

Nice pix I've ever seen , since i have also an automatic camera Sony brand, which can just do simple photographing , very low definitions in comparison to yours , I like viewing all clearly things . you are the one of the best to make it . I'd like , I will be back to browse again .

Patrick / Bangkok

Mesh Wu said...

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your comment :) Do you understand Chinese? It's so amazing that a man from Bangkok left a message in my blog :D

I have been to Thailand twice. Thai food is really delicious! Also, I like your various fruit and juice, not expensive but very sweet. Your culture and temples are also charming. I believe you must have many nice photos.

Once again, thanks for your nice message.

Mesh / Taipei