Thursday, March 08, 2007

200700307 Mini Food Magnets from Vietnam


除了龍眼造型被胖平拗去作人情外,其他的大概會全被我媽貼到大門上吧 -3-

附帶一提,這種磁鐵一顆是越幣 2000 盾,大概合台幣 4 元而已~

1. 龍眼的果肉部份是透明的喔~

2. 我覺得法國麵包作得最像,也較有越南代表性:

3. 和胖平猜拳輸了,結果分到一顆鳳梨 XD

4. 葡萄奶酥:

5. 甜甜圈:

6. 一捆不知其名的蔬菜:



belakangpasar (-_-) said...

Hi Mesh,

I like your blog, the photos you posted were nice!

I am also using blogspot as you do, but seems all photos I posted all in small size, can you teach me how to make the photos display large in page without the user click on it to enlarge?

Realy appriciate your help.

Keep happy blogging.

Wei Leng

Mesh Wu said...

Hi Wei Leng,

Can you read Chinese? Sorry, I ask this question because all my blog content is in Chinese :P Anyway, thanks for your appreciation. I like your photos, too. They look very natural and make me feel comfortable.

About your question, actually, I don't know the answer. I never upload my pictures to Blogger. I put them in and paste their links in my articles to show them on my blog. So, I never encounter your problem.

Hope somebody can help you.

Best Regards,
Mesh Wu